SWESOR BHRATER - „Sick Rose“       (128:H)

The first edition of this Album is very very limited of 88 hand numbered copies in smoke-transparent vinyl 

in a heavy board cover and a mystical heavy inlay with lyrics

Price : 23 Euros + shipping charges (Shipping from Germany or Switzerland possible)

for orders contact:  order(at)eins-zwei-acht.com

 plus 14 Friend and 10 Family Edition WOODEN BOXES in oak made of historical old wood, 

with a metal mirror intarsia inlay and a velour leather closure cap

they are available in different vinyl colours

and have personal elaborate handmade inserts from Swesor Bhrater from France

all  Boxes are personalized with an engraving

made to measure in Switzerland with a SPECIAL DEDICATION for friends.

design, draft and production by EINS:ZWEI:ACHT

the Familyedition and Friendedition are distributed and not for sale

:::OUT NOW:::

Release was Date 16.10.2020









Audio samples are available

 in a very compressed and shortened version




MARTA RAYA - „Reflection“   (128:G)

Lim.Edition of total 218 hand numbered copies - 78 white shadows vinyl / 121 black vinyl

in a heavy board cover and printed inlay with lyrics and two postcards

and in an exclusive on 18 copies friendship Edition of EINS:ZWEI:ACHT in a black leather box ( vegan )

which is 100% Swiss handmade, the vinyl is in the color white shadows    sold out…

or in a exclusive friendship Edition of EINS:ZWEI:ACHT in a white leather box ( vegan )

which is 100% Swiss handmade, the vinyl is in the color black, lim. 8  sold out…

all are personalized with an engraving

and lim. to 1 special EINS:ZWEI:ACHT edition in black leather box with different artwork and special color vinyl,

February 2020

lim.121 copies  in black vinyl

128:G friendship Edition in white leather box

lim. to 1 special EINS:ZWEI:ACHT edition in black leather box with different artwork and special color vinyl

lim.78 copies  in white shadow vinyl

exclusive on 18 copies friendship Edition of EINS:ZWEI:ACHT in a black leather box ( vegan )which is 100% Swiss handmade, 

the vinyl is in the color white shadows    

sold out…

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For orders contact: order(at)eins-zwei-acht.com




SWESOR BHRATER -  „Sang Lié“       (128:F)

Lim.Edition of 200 hand numbered copies, come in a heavy board covering printed inlay with lyrics

100 black vinyl / 100 blood moon vinyl

 including 11 exclusive for friends 100% swiss hand-made smoked oak slipcase

with metal intarsia (gold or silver) and personal engraving 

the FriendshipEdition is not available - sold out...

release date 28.06.2019

A1.Sang Lié


A3.Will you be There?

A4.The Light splits our Lies

B1. What is Mankind?

B2.Against all Odds


B4.A Coat

B5.La Connaissance

Audio samples are available

 in a very compressed and shortened version

Hailing from the South of France, Victor-Yann began writing and composing music in the early 2000s. 

Passionate about romantic poetry and occult music, especially the underground culture of the 1980s, his artistic and musical journey was also deeply influenced by the work of his elder brother Alaxis Andreas G. (LE SYNDICAT ELECTRONIQUE, INVASION PLANETE), with whom he collaborated on a number of projects.

His first footsteps on wax are to be found on CHARLES DE FRONTANEL's 2005 album "Grotesque", on which VY played the guitar. But it was only in 2016 that his current project SWESOR BHRATER emerged, with the magnificent CD album "Premices" released on Hieratique Records, followed by two split releases, with BRANNTEN SCHNÜRE and BRUTA NON CALCULANT respectively.

SWESOR BHRATER is the proto-indo-euorpean word for sister-brother, a reference both to fraternity and the Myth of the Androgynous, and in itself a clue to what the proejct stands for - a neo-romantic quest for lost beauty and lost meaning, anchored in and showcasing a mythological and Traditional culture threatened by the modern world. Musically, SWESOR BHRATER is a seamless and intuitive interplay of driving synths and accoustic sounds, delivering songs that are both deeply moving and cut for the dance-floor. Although flirting with many genres from cold-wave (think MARTIN DUPONT or WERMUT) to folk and bat-cave (TROP TARD), 

SWESOR BHRATER always stays true to his own, unique sound, which makes him one of the most exhilarating projects of the moment.




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„Mirrors of Expression“ Split 12inch    ( 128:E)

lim.Edition of 200 hand numbered copies 

70 silver clear vinyl is sold out...

120 black vinyl and heavy board cover and 2 Stickers

10 for friends in a 100% swiss hand-made MirrorBox with special solid grey marbled vinyl and personal engraving sold out...

release date 12.10.2018


A1. L‘Avenir - Night Fall

A2.L‘Avenir - Oublier

A3. L‘Avenir - Fallen Star

A4.L‘Avenir - Sickness Sings A5. L‘Avenir - Remember Tomorrow

A1. SilentSignals - Wake Up

A2. SilentSignals - Giorgios Jump

A3. SilentSignals - Europe Quo Vadis

A4.SilentSignals - Images of Life

A5.SilentSignals - Nothing




LUMINANCE - „The Cold Rush“ ( 128:D)

release date 28.11.2016


A2. Raised To Forget

A3. Human After All

A4. Seeds A5.Contact

A6.The Crystal Gates

B1. Away

B2. Testamente

B3. Martyr

B4. Colours In Solitude

Eins:Zwei:Acht is back and exhilarated to welcome in its ranks LUMINANCE, the rising star of the new Belgian Angst Wave. 

"The Cold Rush" brings together on wax two outstanding recordings, and well deserving of the vinyl format: 

Luminance's half of the split cassette with Acapulco Hunters released in 2014 on Wool E-Tapes, and "Wait", a digital three-tracker from 2015, 

featuring Agent Side Grinder's Kristoffer Grip on guest vocals. 

Both have been revised and remixed into a coherent album in its own right, deep and gripping, with two completely new tracks, 

including the mind-blowing dance floor killer "Martyr". 

Be aware: once you take the plunge, there is no escaping those cold, dark and oh so mesmerizing waters."




SILENT SIGNALS - „Supernova Party People“ ( 128:C)

release date 08.12.2015

A1. No One Nowhere

A2. Rockets In The Sky 

A3. Circuits Of Agony

A4. Dancing The Fog

A5. Release My Fears

B1. Supernova Party People

B2. Dark Love 

B3. Cosmic Shadows

B4. Dying Pulsar

B5. Our Friendship

To all party people out there! Listen to the signals! 

Electronic instruments from now and then are calling out to you out of the galactic depths of Silent Signals’ second album. 

On “Supernova”, the Roland and Korg sound range of the 80s unfold side by side with the Doepfer sounds of today, while

melancholic vocals ever reaching out for cheerfulness tell us of cosmic primal forces, human emotions and human destruction.

 EINS:ZWEI:ACHT is ready to spread the news through space. 

Come out and dance with us on the interstellar dance-floor!

An alle Party People da draussen, hört die Signale „Elektronische Instrumente möchten gespielt werden.“

Auf dem zweiten Longplayer von Silent Signals ist dies dementsprechend zuhören.

Die soundtechnische Roland und Korg Palette der 80er Jahre gepaart mit ebenbürtigen Doepfer-Klängen der Gegenwart und erweitert um einen

melancholischen Gesang, der stets den Frohsinn sucht.

Orientieren sich die Lieder thematisch im Bereich kosmischer Urgewalten und dem Zerstörungs- und Emotionsdrang der menschlichen Existenz.

EINS:ZWEI:ACHT ist bereit diese Kunde im Weltenraum zu verbreiten...


(wir kommen wieder)




Flashbacks ( 128:B )

First LP 

Lim. Edition of 303 hand numbered copies in seashell vinyl and heavy board cover

the cover comes in 2 different colors white on indigo or indigo on white

A1. The Garni

A2. Spirit And Jewellery

A3. Red Stone

A4. Take This Rose

B1. Angels Devil

B2. Mischievous Glint

B3. Saturday Night

B4. Hearts

Flashbacks was first called into existence in the year 2006 by "Dekay" aka Dirk Torben Klein, with the complicity of 


and the mysterious Frl Marie. The idea was to depart from the Angst and minimalism of Dirk's two main projects ECHO WEST and SILENT SIGNALS, and to create real pop songs, in good old 80s New Wave style, using not only electronic equipment but guitars and drums as well. 

The present album, the first ever Flashbacks release, was conceived and recorded between 2006 and 2008, 

and reveals to the world eight hitherto unheard dance-floor fillers between synth pop and cold wave.




A1.Bloody Beautifull

A2. Distress

A3.Electronic Engineer

A4.Garden Of Sorrow

A5. Life Is A Mountain

B1. No Surrender

B2. Pop In The Eye

B3. Staying Alive

B4. Tales Of Innocence

B5.Tracking The Black Hole

TRACKING THE BLACK HOLE is the long awaited first album by D.T.Klein’s project SILENT SIGNALS.

Originally created for the French label INVASION PLANETE, on which the cult single „Walk On The Ladder“ was released in 2003, 

SILENT SIGNALS soon became a minimal electro “alter ego” to the more industrial-orientated main project ECHO WEST. 

Several compilation appearances followed, as well as a split CD with MARTIAL CANTEREL in 2007.

The first long player has been long in the making but it was worth the wait: inspired by deep space fascination and the idea of life within a world of pure darkness, TRACKING THE BLACK HOLE combines neo-romantic wave anthems, flexi-pop playfulness,

 Angst Pop coldness and EBM efficiency. 

The whole served with D.T. Klein’s unique touch and unmistakable voice.

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